Tenet (2020)

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Tenet follows a CIA agent (John David Washington) who discovers that someone is sending weapons back in time, which causing them to invert. He must learn how inversion works and will have to travel backwards in time in order to prevent the end of the world.

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Damsel (2018)

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Damsel revolves around Samuel, played by Robert Pattinson, on a quest to marry his love, Penelope, played by Mia Wasikowski. On his journey, he acquires a miniature horse named Butterscotch and a drunk preacher, and his quest does not end up going as planned.

I would say that the first 30 or so minutes of this film was really fun. This movie is a western comedy and I thought the comedy was at its strongest in the beginning.  It was great to see Robert Pattinson let loose as a quirky, idiotic Southerner who can’t drink whiskey. The preacher also gave a great performance and was played by co-directed David Zellner. The set design was also totally believable and I thought I was in a small town in the middle of nowhere during the 1860s.

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Good Time (2017)

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Good Time is directed by the Safdie brothers that stars Robert Pattinson as a criminal who must bail out his mentally ill brother that gets arrested for a crime that they both committed.

Robert Pattinson really impressed me in this film, he plays a crook that you do ultimately root for but in reality is very despicable. One scene in particular really rubbed me the wrong way and I thought that the directors could have easily done something different. But his love for his brother is prominently shown throughout the movie and what drives the whole plot. Pattinson’s brother played by co-director Ben Safdie is played very believably but actually isn’t in the film very much. And there is a clever twist with the character Ray (Buddy Duress), another criminal who Pattinson turns to in order to get money to get his brother out.

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