Happiest Season (Hulu – 2020)

Photo from The Digital Flix

Happiest Season follows Abby (Kristen Stewart) as she is invited to her girlfriend’s, Harper (Mackenzie Davis), house to Christmas. The problem is that Harper has not come out to her family yet, so both she and Abby must pretend to not be together.

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It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Photo from IFC Center

*Spoilers for It’s a Wonderful Life*

It’s a Wonderful Life follows George Bailey (James Stewart) as a struggling businessman who contemplates suicide before an angel named Clarence comes down and shows George what life would be like if he were to never exist.

I have actually never seen It’s a Wonderful Life before though I was aware of the plot. I know for many this is an essential Christmas movie. And it is a certainly enjoyable Christmas film.

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