Memories of Murder (2003)

Photo from Lincoln Center

Memories of Murder takes place in 1986 and follows a murder case in South Korea that is based on true events. Detectives Park (Song Kang-ho) and Seo (Kim Sang-kyung) take different approaches in their investigation, but they must come together in order to find the elusive killer.

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Top 10 of 2019

2019 has been over for a while now, but now that I’ve seen 1917 which is competing in the Oscars this year, I can finally release my Top 10 list. 2019 was truly a great year for film and I hope that 2020 and beyond will be even more diverse both in front of and behind the camera, and that we continue to support original films and new voices. Keep in mind, I cannot see every new movie released and there are some 2019 movies I have not reviewed.

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