10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019

2018 is now over, but the 2019 movie season is upon us! Here are some films that I’m very much looking forward to. Some honorable mentions are Godzilla: Kings of Monsters, Dumbo, Glass, Shazam, Star Wars: Ep 9, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and It: Chapter 2.

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Top 10 Films of 2018

2018 is officially over and what a year it has been. 2018 has been a bit disappointing movie wise because while I liked a lot of films, this year’s films ultimately didn’t stick with me as they have done before, there weren’t many films that I absolutely loved and remembered. And keep in mind that I still haven’t seen some of the newer released Oscar buzz films like If Beale Street Could Talk or Burning.

Honorable Mentions: Never Goin’ Back, Eighth Grade, Black Panther, The Hate U Give,  Mission Impossible: Fallout, Annihilation, and Bad Times at the El Royale.  These are all great films that I debated putting on this list, but didn’t make the cut.

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Top 5 Summer 2018 Movies

The summer movie season is officially over. And it turned out to be a pretty great season this year especially for indie movies. This list was hard for me to rank and there’s still a good number of movies I didn’t get to see like Jurassic World 2, The Meg, Hereditary, etc. so these are my favorite summer movies from this year that I have seen since writing this post. Anyways here’s my list:

Honorary Mentions: BlacKkKlansman and Three Identical Strangers 

These films are definitely worth seeing, but are ones that didn’t really “highlight” my summer. BlacKkKlansman is an important political movie to see and Three Identical Strangers is a shocking documentary.

5. Avengers: Infinity War

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10 Most Anticipated Films for 2018

2017 was a good year in film but 2018 looks to be an even better year! Here’s my list for films I’m most looking forward to in 2018.

Honorable Mentions: Dark Phoenix, New Mutants (both X-Men films), Venom, Ocean’s 8, Mary Poppins Returns, and A Quiet Place

10. Ready Player One – I really enjoyed the novel so I’m excited to see what Steven Spielberg’s will do with it.

9. Wreck It Ralph 2 – I only recently saw Wreck It Ralph and I really enjoyed it. Now all the Disney Princess are supposed to make an appearance in the second one and I am here for it.

8. Isle of Dogs – Such a huge fan of Wes Anderson and his unique and quirky style in all his films. Also glad to see him do a stop motion animation film again.

7. Ant-Man and the Wasp – I really liked the first Ant-man. But I am so ready to see more female superheroes and finally see the Wasp put on the costume this time around.

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Top 10 Films of 2017

2017 was a pretty great year for movies. I’m here to give my personal list for the Top 10 of the year. Now I haven’t seen every movie, there’s still a ton I haven’t seen like I Tonya, The Post, Three Billboards, and All the Money in the World among others. So when I get a chance to see these movies – I may update and change this list. This list was hard to make, I changed it many times but I think this is the list I’m happy with.

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