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Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) is a stressed woman who is not happy with how her life has turned out. On the way to an IRS appointment, she is unexpectedly tasked with saving the multiverse and must learn to channel her other selves in order to do so.

First off, this film is bonkers, but in a good way. It’s highly original and very well acted, directed, and written. I was also surprised at just how much the film tackles. There is a deeper, but relatable story at the center of this film that tackles familial relationships, parenting, love, and mental health.

The ensemble here is really impeccable. Michelle Yeoh leads the cast and gets to show off her acting range. She is an undeniable superstar and I’m glad that audiences get to realize that fact. However, it was Ke Huy Quan who stole the film for me. He plays Evelyn’s husband, Waymond. Huy Quan, was a child actor who starred in The Goonies and Indiana Jones. He stopped acting due to the lack of roles, but he has re-emerged spectacularly. His character is really the heart of this film. Another scene-stealer was Stephanie Hsu, who plays Evelyn’s daughter Joy. She was great and established herself as a star on the rise. James Hong, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jenny Slate also have supporting roles. They were fun to see and you could tell they have a blast filming this.

This film was written and directed by a duo called The Daniels. This is Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s second feature film. They previously directed Swiss Army Man, which is another super weird movie about a farting corpse. There are a lot of action sequences that were really well-executed and a ton of hilarious jokes. I never actually finished Swiss Army Man because it was so weird, but here The Daniels showed they could be more accessible while keeping their trademark humor and their imaginative, yet unconventional storytelling.

This film does edge a bit into the “too weird” category to me. For example, there’s a dimension explored in this film where everyone has hot dogs for fingers. But even when things got highly absurd, I applaud the filmmakers on their creativity and originality. But it did turn me off the film just a little.

The concept of the multiverse is something that is now being explored more in film and TV, namely in the superhero genre, but I doubt that those films will come even marginally close to this one with how inventive they are with the concept. I have no doubt that this will be the best multiverse movie to come out this year.

Everything Everywhere All At Once made me laugh and it made me cry. The film has a surprisingly in-depth and touching story about family at its center. Not to mention, it is highly entertaining and original. At the helm are two highly creative and wholly unique directors and a very strong, fearless cast to lead the charge. The film does veer into some very weird territory though and that will undoubtedly turn off some people.

I give Everything Everywhere All At Once an A-

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