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Now that the Abbott family are forced out of their homes, they must venture out and try to survive. The family meets Emmett (Cillian Murphy), an old family friend, who reluctantly helps them on their journey.

This was my first venture back to the theater in many months and it was great to be back. I honestly had a blast with A Quiet: Place II.

John Krasinski continues to impress with his direction. I thought the first A Quiet Place handled sound and tension very well and naturally led to a dramatic climax. The first few minutes of Part II just suck you back into this world and we get to experience how these creatures came down to Earth. The terror that the Abbot family and their neighbors go through is nail biting and is my favorite sequence of the film. There are more action set pieces this time around and more tension than the previous film as our characters are not tucked away in their home.

The plot is fairly simple and splits the family up in a believable way. Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Emmett (Murphy) venture out to try to broadcast the feedback from her hearing aid to deter the monsters, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) must gather supplies for her family now that her home is destroyed, which leaves her other son, Marcus (Noah Jupe), and her newborn stuck together. While the first film centers more on the parents, Part II focuses more on the kids. Simmonds is the standout of the cast as she is more proactive here than she is in the first film.

It’s nice to see Cillian Murphy outside a Nolan movie. There is not much to his character, like the Abbot family, he is grieving. But overall, he is just a man lending a helping hand clinging back onto the hope he believed he had lost.

I wouldn’t say that A Quiet Place: Part II is better than the original film. There’s not as memorable sequences in Part II as there is in the first film. I was a bit disappointed that Hollywood decided to make a franchise out of this original idea, but A Quiet Place: Part II proves that it was worth it. The ending was a little bit kitschy and served as a definite signal that a third film is coming, but I enjoyed this sequel enough to check out the next installment.

If you feel comfortable going back to the theater – A Quiet Place: Part II promises a good time. The communal experience is a definite bonus as it heightens dread and tension throughout the film, plus there’s a good chance that your fellow moviegoers will stay quiet.

I give A Quiet Place: Part II a B.

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