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Enola Holmes follows Sherlock Holmes’ sister, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) who finds that her mother is missing one evening. Enola is set on finding her and embarks on doing so without her brothers help.

This is the first time I have seen Bobby Brown in a substantial role outside of Stranger Things, and I was utterly pleased with her performance. She really does stand out as Enola and holds her own against her more famous brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. Bobby Brown seems like she’s having a blast in this role and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a sequel for this film in the future.

Henry Cavill stars as Sherlock, while Sam Clafin plays Mycroft. Both give good performances, but neither seems to care much about their sister. Sherlock definitely shows more affection (if you can call it that) towards his sister, but he is really not that preoccupied on helping her find their mother.

I really enjoyed the mother daughter relationship and it was the strongest aspect of the film for me. Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter) is definitely a unique mother. Enola lacks in manners that usual ladies have during this time as she hasn’t been outside her town. Enola is proficient in fighting, chess, herbology, literature, physics, and more thanks to her mother. You can tell that they both care for each other very much and highly depend on each other.

It’s apparent that this film was directed by Harry Bradbear, the same person who directed Amazon’s Fleabag, as Enola continuously breaks fourth wall through the film. It’s a neat device to use in a film like this as we are given more of a glimpse inside Enola’s thought processes. Enola likes knowing that we the audience are there so that we can share her exasperation in not being taken seriously.

But though I found the film to be enjoyable, it did drag in certain parts. There’s a young noble boy that Enola decides to help out and grows a crush on. I felt that it took too long to get to the bottom of his case. Enola also goes to a girls boarding school and that whole sequence could have been cut out of the film as it just further highlights how Enola does not fit in with other girls.

This is a nitpick more than anything, but Enola didn’t exactly solve her case. The suspect actually reveals themselves before Enola figures it all out. This doesn’t take away from her cleverness as her intelligence is apparent all throughout the film, but it would have been nice if she was able to piece it her first case all together before the final showdown happens.

Overall, Enola Homes is a delightful family film. I have always enjoyed the character Sherlock Holmes and was glad that I was introduced to his sister through this film. Millie Bobby Brown is a definite standout, though the film was too long. I would say Enola Holmes is worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a coming of age or mystery film with some feminist themes.

I give Enola Homes a B.

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