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Tenet follows a CIA agent (John David Washington) who discovers that someone is sending weapons back in time, which causing them to invert. He must learn how inversion works and will have to travel backwards in time in order to prevent the end of the world.

John David Washington and Robert Pattinson have great chemistry together. Their friendship was a definite highlight of the film. There’s not much background given for either character, but you’re still invested in their mission nonetheless.

As you know Christopher Nolan movies tend to be confusing and this film is no different. I had a really tough time thinking of a plot synopsis and I find the film difficult to write about as I can’t dive into the plot too much without spoiling the story. Needless to say, Tenet is a film you will have to see again and again in order to better understand it.

I really enjoyed Kenneth Branagh in the film, who plays the villain. He plays a Russian arms dealer, who blackmails his wife (played by Elizabeth Debicki) with custody of their son. His performance feels a bit hammy, but I thought it worked well. Elizabeth Debicki serves as the heart of the story as she must suffer through her husbands actions and cannot escape him.

Himesh Patel from Yesterday also appears in this film. It was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. His role is not big, but it was good to see him in another film. I hope to see more from him and David Washington in the future.

Tenet is complicated to understand. I think they explain inversion as best they can, but it’s a different story when seeing it in action. It was actually really cool to watch the action scenes, as some are going both backwards and forwards in time, but it still doesn’t totally make sense.

But though Tenet is confusing, you do get the overall gist of how time works in this film. With Nolan’s previous film, Dunkirk, I didn’t even realize that some scenes overlapped in that film. I would put Tenet on par with something like Inception. You get the main themes of the film, but when it comes to the details, it gets difficult to follow.

The dialogue was hard to hear in places, but it’s not too difficult to mark out what the characters are saying. Hans Zimmer, Nolan’s usual composer, does not score this film. But the score was still mesmerizing.

Christopher Nolan created a great back to theater experience. I won’t tell you to risk checking out Tenet in theaters, but it is a film worth seeing. The performances were all great, and while the story was confusing, the action was really well done and inventive. There’s a reason why Nolan is an acclaimed director and Tenet proves to be another highly original and compelling entry in his filmography.

I give Tenet an A-

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