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Scott Pilgrim vs The World recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The films follows Scott (Michael Cera), a bass player in an unknown band, who falls for the enigmatic Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). But in order to be with her, Scott must defeat her seven evil exes.

This was my first Edgar Wright movie that I saw and I still remember how I was blown away by his unique style. Wright is a famous director, most well known for the film, Baby Driver, as well as the Simon Pegg films, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The way he does comedy is truly like no other, you can always tell when a film is made by Edgar Wright.

Revisiting the film 10 years later, it’s kind of amazing just how many A-listers on in this movie. Future superheroes appear with Brie Larson, Chris Evans, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Comedy actresses Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, and Mae Whitman all have small roles as well. Succession‘s Kieran Culkin plays my favorite character in the film, Wallace. And of course, there’s Michael Cera in the titular role. The acting is well done all around though I wouldn’t say the characters have very much depth to them.

Scott especially isn’t a likable character, though I believe his motivations and actions can be relatable. Scott isn’t unlikable per say, but he can be selfish, and doesn’t realize that he treats others poorly for the most part. I also would’ve liked to see more chemistry between Scott and Ramona. Scott is instantly enamored by her, but you don’t really know why she reciprocates that. He is too busy fighting all of her exes in the film, that they don’t really talk that much.

It’s no secret that video game movies tend to fail, and while Scott Pilgrim also failed while it played in the theater, it is the one of the best examples of an enjoyable video game movie. Scott Pilgrim is not based on a video game, it’s based on a graphic novel and the film adaptation feels like a comic book came to life. Wright utilizes video game and comic book elements throughout the film with split screens, hyper-action, level-ups, and 8-bit animation.

Overall, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a geeky, fun movie filled with very clever comedy. The music, special effects, and Wright’s directorial style all make the film stand out. 10 years after the film’s release, I find it to be as enjoyable as the first time I watched it. Scott Pilgrim is considered as an instant cult-classic, though I lean away from that statement as the film has garnered a larger fan base since it’s release. But if you’re looking for a distinctive, nerdy film that has a lot of famous people in it, then I would suggest giving Scott Pilgrim a shot.

I give Scott Pilgrim vs The World an A-

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