Photo from Variety

Uncut Gems follows Howard (Adam Sandler), a gambling addict and jeweler, as he makes a series of bad decisions that lead him further and further in trouble.

Much like their previous movie Good Time, Uncut Gems is a very busy movie from the Safdie brothers. There’s a lot going on at once and you are stuck in the chaos with the main character. And when the film ends, you find yourself a bit tired since this film really is a roller coaster that has you frustrated and stressed for most of it.

I am not really a fan of Adam Sandler movies, especially in recent years with films like Grown Ups and Jack and Jill, but he is absolutely magnetic in this film. It’s my favorite performance that I’ve seen from him and he proves once again that he can be a serious actor. Howard is selfish, egotistic, and reckless, but you can’t look away when he has to put out the various fires that he started.

There’s a great deal of cameos and supporting roles from noticeable figures. The Weeknd appears, and the story is partly centered on NBA player, Kevin Garnett. The supporting cast consists of Lakeith Stanfield, Idina Menzel, and Julia Fox, all of which were great in the movie. Not to mention, Martin Scorsese is an executive producer of the film.

The sound of the movie is a bit too much, especially at the beginning. Along with the music, there are various conversations happening at the same time and it’s hard to follow along. It does add to the hectic tone and style of the film, but it also gave me a headache.

I give Uncut Gems a B+

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