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Knives Out is the latest film from Rian Johnson. It is a murder mystery that has some political undertones. The film stars Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jaime Lee Curtis, Toni Collette among many others.

Ana de Armas as Martha, a nurse to the deceased Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), was the stand out here. She is the one who really carries this film. I was pleasantly surprised because from the trailers I thought that she would be a supporting character, but she is actually our main character. She had great chemistry with the family, particularly Chris Evans and Katherine Langford. But she also had great and hilarious scenes with Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig’s southern accent in this film is everything. I think I liked this accent more than the other southern accent he used in Logan Lucky. He was a delight as Detective Benoit Blanc, a Hercule Poirot type for the Agatha Christie fans. Michael Shannon is probably the funniest person in the movie, which is kind of surprising since he usually plays villains, but he had the best lines. Chris Evans was another stand-out, playing a sassy jerk to help the audience disassociate him from his Captain America persona. Christopher Plummer was also very charming with the little screen time he had.

I do wish that we got a bit more from the family. I love Toni Collette, so I wished she had a bit more to do, and some of the family members were throw away or very one-note. It happens, especially with an ensemble this large, but I think if characters like Jacob (Jaeden Martell) had more to do, they could have added more to the dysfunctional family dynamic.

This is a murder mystery, of course, but not a typical one. It reveals a big portion of the mystery early on with the film, so the film mostly consists of the killer trying to outmaneuver the detectives and the rest of the family so they won’t get caught.

I really loved the themes of the film too, which have political undertones and touch on immigration and privilege. The film is also very comedic with snappy dialogue and unique quirks to the characters. Overall, Knives Out is a fun movie. It’s thoroughly entertaining and feels fresh. I can’t wait to see what director Rian Johnson does next.

I give Knives Out an A.

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