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The Lighthouse stars Robert Pattinson as Winslow who gets a job as a lighthouse keeper. He meets his boss Thomas (Willem Dafoe), who is overbearing and possessive. However, once the two lighthouse keepers get stuck in a storm, Winslow struggles not to loose his mind.

I will preface this by saying this movie is weird and definitely won’t appeal to everyone. Not only is it shot in black-and-white, but it also has a square aspect ratio. There’s also a lot of farting in the film. All of this is unusual in film, especially nowadays, but I think it all added to the tone and style of the film.

However, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are great in their roles and have great chemistry together. They’re scenes mostly consisted of arguing and being drunk which lead to a couple of hilarious moments. But that also helped them show how they start to loose their sanity.

This film takes place in the 1800s and the characters speak in the dialect of that time period too. Much like director Robert Eggers’ other film, The Witch, this film would be easier to watch with subtitles on, so you can understand everything being said.

Eggers once proves his directorial chops as the story in the film unfolds. Both Pattinson and Dafoe’s characters are unreliable narrators, so the film keeps you guessing on if what you are seeing is real or not. He also sprinkles in a lot of mythological elements into the story with the appearance of sirens and other water-based tales and creatures.

Something that stood out to me in this film that I don’t usually mention are the sound effects. There’s almost always a constant blaring of a fog horn, with other effects like the ocean waves and a ticking clock. The sound effects, the location, and the cinematography all capitalize on the character’s isolation and paranoia brilliantly.

The Lighthouse is definitely a unique film, but it is one that I ultimately enjoyed. Pattinson and Dafoe were successful at being crazy and weird. And this film stands out because I have never really seen anything like it before.

I give The Lighthouse a B+

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