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It: Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the events of the first It. The Losers Club are all adults and they all return to Derry after Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) calls. They start remembering their trauma of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) inflicted on them as kids and must be ready to face him again.

First of all, the casting for all the adult losers is top notch. I especially enjoyed Bill Hader as Ritchie who was the highlight of the movie for me. James Ransone as Eddie was another standout along with Jessica Chastain as Beverly. Jay Ryan as Ben was also really good. However, I wish that Isaiah Mustafa as Mike and James McAvoy as Bill had a bit more to do for their characters.

The film gets repetitive at a certain point when the group splits up and each individual goes out on their own. Basically Pennywise haunts each adult loser one after the other and you also get flashbacks of them as kids. The first It also had scares where Pennywise haunted them individually, but it was done at different times. If they cut down these scenes or spread them out somehow, I feel the movie would’ve had better pacing in the middle.

The film also gets a bit weird when it comes to Pennywise’s mythology and how to defeat him. Overall, I felt it was a bit confusing and wasn’t explained all that well. I also think they used too many flashbacks with the kids. Of course it was nice to see the kids again, but we got a whole movie with them in it, so I believe a few scenes with them could’ve been kept out.

They de-aged the young losers who show up in flashbacks and while the CGI is done pretty well, Finn Wolfhard sticks out because most people know how he looked when he was younger. They also altered their voices so that they talked in higher pitches, which was also noticeable, especially for me who re-watched the first It before seeing this new one.

The film is a bit meta at some points which I wasn’t expecting. The humor was also good thanks to Bill Hader and James Ransone. However, some jokes really didn’t land for me. Like the first It, I don’t think this film is all that scary, especially since they reuse some of the horror elements of the first movie.

Overall, the cast for It: Chapter Two is what makes this movie along with Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise. The story is not as tight as the first and is a bit out there, but I still enjoyed myself and these characters.

I give It: Chapter Two a B.

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