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The Boys is a show on Amazon Prime that shatters the idealistic superhero concept that has swept the world today. It revolves around Hughie (Jack Quaid), who decides to take revenge on the superhero who killed his girlfriend. He meets Butcher (Karl Urban), who has a similar revenge plot for all superheroes, especially The Seven.

The Seven are an obvious riff on The Justice League, but they are very dark and sinister version of them. Here “Superman” is evil, “Aquaman” is a sexual assaulter, and “The Flash” is a murderer.

This show is a very gory, violent, and R-rated. So much so that it may actually be too much for some people. I knew basically nothing about this show beforehand, but the show turned out to be a pleasant surprise. With the excess of superhero stuff that has come out, this show manages to stand out from the rest.

The only recognizable name in the show for me was Karl Urban. All the other actors I have never seen or have only seen in small roles, but everyone does a great job. I would say Erin Moriarty as Starlight, Anthony Starr as Homelander, and, Urban as Butcher all stood out to me.

The thing that astounded me with show was that I could totally get how this would be real life if superheroes existed, and in many ways it does reflect our society today. There’s a huge corporation behind the heroes which lead to cover-ups, corruption, and experimentation. The heroes themselves are simply fronts for the public and are actually lacking morality, addicts, or have given up on doing good.

Another thing that pleasantly surprised me was that the show’s creator is Eric Kripke who created Supernatural, which was a favorite show of mine for a long time. And kudos to him on this show by revitalizing the superhero genre and making it interesting. The show is 8 episodes long which is an fairly easy binge and maintains good pacing throughout.

So overall, The Boys is a very dark and gory show about superheroes. The superheroes are not really “heroes” by any means, but are still as popular and idolized as ever. It’s up to Butcher and his group to take them down, but that turns out to not be easy by any means.

I give season 1 of The Boys an A-


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