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Rocketman is a biopic surrounding the famous singer-songwriter, Elton John. It showcases his early life, rise into fame, his relationships, and his struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Taron Egerton was the perfect casting for Elton John. I am a big fan of Egerton ever since the first Kingsman film and I’m glad that he’s having the chance to flex out his acting. His voice is amazing, I would love for him to have his own album at some point in the future. He is what makes this film and is the best I’ve seen him at here.

Jaime Bell stars as Elton’s longtime friend, Bernie and he too was great in the film. Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard also have small roles and deliver on their antagonistic performances.

This film is surprising dark. You are right alongside with Elton during his darkest moments when his addiction got to its worst point. And though, it has that typical music biopic formula of sex, addiction, and the cost of fame, the musical numbers help make the film stand apart from other musical biopics and is the most enjoyable aspect of the film.

I did have a couple of minor nitpicks of the film. One being that it is hard to tell what the timeline of the film is, Elton’s appearance changes due to his receding hairline but you don’t know how much time has passed. And another being that the pacing of the film could have been tighter.

Overall, Rocketman is a fantastic biopic. If you liked Bohemian Rhapsody or, like me, wanted it to be better, this is a film that delivers. Egerton gives his career best performance and is a bonafide star.

I give Rocketman an A-

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