Photo from CNet

Unicorn Store is a Netflix film directed by Brie Larson. The film revolves around Kit (Brie Larson) an art student who is very naive and childlike. She feels like a disappointment and gets a typical office job in order to please her parents. However, she receives an invitation in the mail where Kit has the chance to get a real unicorn.

Brie Larson is charming as Kit, she happens to make the character’s childlike nature endearing and innocent but it can also come across as annoying, especially in the way she whines about her parents. Although her shtick can be exasperating especially since no adult I know acts this way, she always shows that it can be beneficial to hold onto your childlike spirit.

The film can feel very Lisa Frank, especially in regards to Kit and the Salesman (Samuel L. Jackson), who does get to have a little fun with his costume. Larson does a fine job directing the film, but nothing about the directing stands out. There’s a romance between Kit and Virgil (Mamoudou Athie), a hardware store worker she convinces into helping her, that I didn’t completely buy, and think it would’ve been better if they just stayed friends.

The film tries to portray the conflict of becoming an adulthood vs wanting to stay a child. And though Kit does grow into her own, it seems like she has not actually changed that much. I’m also not completely sure what the point of the film was. Was it to hold onto childhood beliefs even if they seem silly? Was it to try and insert more creativity into your work than try to conform to an everyday work attitude and environment? I just didn’t totally understand the message.

Overall, Unicorn Store has good performances and is a decent film. But the story is a bit confusing and Kit can also be a bit annoying. However, this directorial debut from Larson shows her potential behind the camera and I hope she gets more opportunities to direct. I give the film a C+


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