Photo from Polygon

Dumbo revolves around a circus family that find themselves demoted to be the elephant keepers. When baby Jumbo is born with huge ears, the world mocks him and calls him Dumbo until the kids discover that Dumbo can use his ears to fly.

Dumbo is another Disney live action film, but it isn’t necessarily a remake. The film diverges from the original film pretty early on in the film though it does keep some of the same elements.

Like the original Dumbo the main attraction to this remake is that it has an adorable baby elephant. This little CGI elephant was super cute and that kept me entertained throughout the whole film.

The cast is full of stars but unfortunately they are nothing less than adequate in their roles. The human element for animal films are usually the most boring and that is proved to be true here. I just didn’t feel connected to this family, or really any of these characters except for Dumbo. The kids felt miscast and though I liked how Colin Farrell’s daughter wanted to become a scientist, they beat you over the head with that point. Michael Keaton is an over the top villain. Danny DeVito was fine in the role though he didn’t really bring anything special or new. Eva Green was also fine along with Colin Farrell, but I believe the cast did the best they could with the material they were given.

Tim Burton directed this film and while the film does have a bit of his directional style. It felt like someone trying to make a Tim Burton film rather than an actual Tim Burton film. This film has been panned by critics and while I do not think the film is that bad, it’s just unnecessary. While I’m glad Disney removed all the racist elements of the original films, this just begs the question on why Disney is remaking all of their films? This film  didn’t really do anything for me. Adding popular actors and a bit of an expanded story to animated films that we all loved can never compare to those original.

Overall, Dumbo isn’t a bad film, but it also isn’t great. While a cute CGI elephant will keep you entertained throughout the whole film, the movie itself just feels unnecessary. I give Dumbo a C+

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