Photo from Glamour

Booksmart revolves around two top of the class high school seniors who want to party before graduation since they never got to do so before. Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) however find themselves having a crazy night that they are not sure they can handle.

This film, in my opinion, is a sort mix of Ladybird and Never Goin’ Back, it primarily centers around a friendship between two girls who are getting ready to go to college. These two girls and their friendship are the crux of the film, Dever and Feldstein are undoubtedly stars in the making after this film is released. And I’m loving that we’re getting more and more films about female friendships.

Olivia Wilde’s directional debut was a knockout when I saw the film at South by Southwest. The comedy and the ensemble cast are what really make the film. Each person in the ensemble gets their moment to shine. And Wilde proves that she can shine from behind the camera, since there was a really funny and inventive stop motion scene in the film that was completely unexpected.

Billie Lourd was a standout and though you know her shtick after awhile, she still manages to be hilarious and weird. Skyler Gisondo, from Santa Clarita Diet, is also a welcome addition to the cast. I was also surprised how many comedy stars appeared in the film. Jason Sudeikis, Wilde’s husband, is the principal, Will Forte and Lisa Kudrow star as Amy’s parents, all of whom have funny scenes. 

I could especially relate to this film since I was a smart but uncool high school girl. And my female friendships helped me survive high school and were really important to me during that time. I’m glad to say that Booksmart will go down as another great female centered coming-of-age film in likes of Ladybird and The Edge of Seventeen.

I give Booksmart an A-

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