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Captain Marvel centers around Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) a Kree soldier who ends up on Earth to stop the villainous skrulls – a race of alien shapeshifters. She must work with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and an old friend named Maria (Lashana Lynch) to find out what her past is.

This film has a ton of controversy over it which isn’t rare for comic book movies, mainly from fanboys who aren’t a fan of Brie Larson or don’t want to see a female superhero on screen, but I think it’s safe to say to Captain Marvel beat the odds. It’s enjoyable, and while it may not be the best MCU film, I think it’s definitely worth checking out.

Brie Larson does excel as Danvers and while she not very expressive, it makes sense for her character. Samuel L. Jackson does a nice job here and it is cool to see a younger Nick Fury (the de-aging on him was very impressive). And both Carol and Fury have a very nice and authentic connection and friendship. I saw the twist with villain a mile away. But I did like what they ended up doing with skrulls. And to me, Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the skrull, Talos, stole the show.

Carol Danvers is a very accomplished woman, and while I’m excited to see what she does in the MCU with Endgame and beyond, I didn’t feel very connected with her. That is probably in part because she herself does not know who she is for a good two thirds of the film.

I do wish we got more character development from Carol’s friend, Maria, and the other supporting characters. This movie felt like a setup film – it set up the main character, her relationships, the start of the MCU, and Endgame. The music felt out of place during certain parts, which took me out of film, and I felt like I was beaten over the head that it was the 90s. Really, I just wish the film stood on its own a bit more.

Overall, Captain Marvel is an enjoyable film and I’m excited to see what her future in the MCU is like. But this is not one of my favorite Marvel movies. I give the film a B.

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