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Season 2 of The Punisher finds Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) keeping a low profile until a troubled teen named Amy (Giorgia Whingham) gets hit-men after her and Frank reverts back to killing to protect her. Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) also finds himself recovering and doesn’t remember what he did and what happened to him, with Agent Madani (Amber Rose Revah) keeping a close eye on him.

Season two was a big disappointment for me, it was a big step down from the first season. These 13 episodes really need to be trimmed down by Netflix (though I doubt we’ll have anymore Marvel/Netflix shows). There is more action this season, but none of it wowed me.

Jon Bernthal continues to be perfect casting as Frank Castle. His relationship with Amy was the highlight of the season because of their back and forth. And it was interesting to see how The Punisher was like as a father figure.

The two new characters, the new antagonist, John Pilgrim, and Billy’s therapist, Krista, were very annoying characters. Everything with the new villain was dull and though he is supposed to be a foil to Frank, he splits his time with Billy as the main antagonist, so  they didn’t hit hard on that note. Krista, on the other hand, was just an incredibly stupid character, I didn’t buy her relationship with Billy and she continues to help him though she has witnessed and experienced his violent side.

They tried to make Billy Russo more sympathetic by giving him amnesia, but since we already know what he did in the first season, it doesn’t work for the audience and it feels like we’re retreading all of season one again. Also his face should’ve been much, much worse.

It was very apparent to me that the show didn’t know what to do with its characters. Agent Madani was obsessing over Russo and fighting with Detective Mahoney for a majority of the season, leaving her with little to do. Pilgrim and Amy were not heavily featured in a couple of episodes, which again, shows that the writers couldn’t think of anything to do with these characters. Karen Page from Daredevil does make a brief appearance, but she didn’t have much to do, and was basically just there to be rejected by Frank.

Overall, though I enjoyed the character of Amy, her story line involving the new antagonist, John Pilgrim, was very boring. There were too many episodes and they were too long. If the season was shorter and the story was tighter then I think the season would have been much better and less meandering.

I give The Punisher Season 2 a D+

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