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On the Basis of Sex revolves around Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) as she struggles to be taken seriously as a lawyer until a case concerning gender discrimination against a man is discovered by her husband, Marty (Armie Hammer), that could allow her to challenge gender discrimination on a broader scale.

I am a huge fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and if you have seen the documentary about her, RBG, then you know a bit about that the case that they’re tackling in this film. And this film made me realize that women in the United States would not be where they are today without Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Unfortunately, this film is pretty conventional. There’s plenty of story beats that have been done before. This films more like a TV movie than one to be seen in the theater, though it would be a pretty decent cable watch. There was a lot of lawyer jargon that ended up giving me a headache. And I never got that hoorah moment that a film like Wonder Woman gave me, though I still ended up appreciating RBG.

Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer, who plays Ruth’s husband, Marty, give good performances. Jones particularly shines as the RBG in her early days. Kathy Bates and Justin Theroux both have small performances and were serviceable.

I liked exploring more of the family dynamic of the Ginsburg’s especially between Ruth and her daughter. Ruth’s daughter was growing up in the 70s when the second wave of feminism was coming about so she and Ruth ended up butting heads quite a bit.

Overall, On the Basis of Sex is a conventional and kind of forgettable film, but if you are a fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you may end up enjoying the film more than I did.

I give On the Basis of Sex a C.

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