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Hereditary surrounds a family who is suffering from a tragedy with Annie’s (Toni Collette) death of her mother. Ever since her death, weirder things have been happening, making it seem something more sinister is at play.

I remember seeing the trailer for Hereditary in the theaters and I decided right away not to see the film in theaters. I don’t get scared easily with horror films, but this film surprised me right from the get-go because it flipped horror tropes on their head. It plays more like a family drama who are falling farther and farther apart and filled with psychological horror.

Toni Collette is phenomenal in this film. Her performance is really something else and she deserves to be nominated for an Academy Award. Her character, Annie, is struck with such grief in the film and is spiraling out of control, that you question whether or not to believe her even though you too are witnessing weird, terrible things happening to this family. The rest of the cast was great as well in particular Alex Wolff as Annie’s son (except for that one crying scene).

The third act of the film was terrifying. This is where the true scares came in. And man this family has been through so much, you feel so bad for them because you were rooting for them to beat this. The ending, however, was a bit confusing.

This is the first feature of director, Ari Aster, and I for one, am very much looking forward to his future projects because this is one hell of a debut.

I give Hereditary an A.

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