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Aquaman revolves around Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) as Mera (Amber Heard) recruits him to become the king of Atlantis and to stop his half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), from uniting the seven seas to wage war on the surface.

Director, James Wan, previously known for horror films such as The Conjuring and Insidious brings a lighthearted, but conventional superhero flick to life. He was able to create amazing visuals which I think is the film’s greatest strength.

Jason Momoa was good as Aquaman though I think his acting could’ve been a bit better.  Amber Heard stood out to me as Mera. And Patrick Wilson played a pretty one-note villain as Orm, but was able to bring some of his charisma to the role that made his character a bit more enjoyable. However, he plays Jason Momoa’s younger brother in the film and that just doesn’t work for me because he clearly looks older than Momoa. On the other hand, the villain, Black Manta, was completely one note. And I’m not sure why Nicole Kidman agreed to be in this film.

Some of the concepts of this film were really interesting. Everything underwater looked great, the sequence involving the Trench that played out like a horror film was the best part of the film to me because that is where Wan shines. But I wish they also expanded upon the pollution aspect of the film, it’s the reason why the Atlantians are trying to wage war with the surface, but it’s brushed away pretty quickly. I’m also going to insert my plea with y’all to please recycle and take care of our oceans because pollution in our oceans have gotten out of hand – coral reefs are dying due to bleaching, the lionfish are causing an epidemic, and it’s projected that there will be more trash in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Back to the film, I have to say that the dialogue wasn’t the best. The soundtrack played in the film was terrible. And ultimately the film is too cheesy and over the top for me, but I think that was its intention, and if you like cheesy stuff than this film will probably work better for you. Much of the humor fell flat for me and the pacing was a bit off. Overall, Aquaman was fine. It had enjoyable moments. But having seen so many superhero films, this one didn’t stand out to me.

I give Aquaman a C.

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