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Bird Box surrounds Malorie (Sandra Bullock) who is thrust into an chaotic world after a series of mass suicides. She must learn to survive in a world without seeing the creature that is causing all this mayhem and embarks on a journey blindfolded with two children.

Bird Box is a lot like A Quiet Place from earlier this year, though it’s more hardcore and mysterious. It’s an interesting film but it doesn’t have the same type edge of your seat nervousness of the latter film. I for one, wasn’t attached to the characters here as I was to the family in A Quiet Place.

Sandra Bullock gives a great performance as Malorie, a tough, pregnant, and hard edged woman doing her best to navigate this new world. She is also able to do stuff incredibly well given the fact that she is blindfolded throughout dangerous portions of the movie. The other supporting actors gave good performances as well, but most of the characters are cliched like in typical apocalypse/disaster movies and they don’t really have much to do in the film. Though Moonlight‘s Trevante Rhodes also gave a nice performance.

Overall, I found the film to be a bit predictable and it never really grabbed me. It was also way too long. And nothing gets answered in terms of the creature, we know as much as the characters do and if they knew more about what they were up against, the movie may have grabbed me more.

I give Bird Box a C+

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