Photo from Paste Magazine

Widows surrounds Veronica (Viola Davis), who gathers the wives of the men who died with her husband on a heist gone bad. They now must conduct their own heist because the man whose money their husbands stole from wants it back. 

The ensemble of women work really well together here including Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, and Michelle Rodriguez. This film is extremely well acted. Davis gives a phenomenal performance as always, but Debicki really surprised me with her performance as well. Daniel Kaluuya was also truly chilling as one of the villains in the film. This film truly has an all star cast, though I would’ve liked a little more from supporting figures like Brian Tyree, Colin Farrell, and Cynthia Erivo.

The film however is not as it is marketed to be as an action packed heist film. It’s slower paced and more character driven, though not as character driven as I’d like it to be. Cynthia Ervio’s character was kind of randomly thrust into this heist and I could have done a little less of the local politician sub-plot, because though it made sense in the movie, it shifted the focus away from the widows. The film also ended on a random note.

Though the movie is a little slow at times and it takes a while to get to the heist itself, there were a couple of twists that I did not see coming that kept me engaged. I liked how the heist didn’t go perfectly, these women are not criminals like their husbands, so they made mistakes. I think that helped amp up the stakes.

I give Widows a B.

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