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Halloween is over, but if you’re still in the Halloween spirit or are a fan of spooky shows, this is a great show to watch.

The Haunting of  Hill House surrounds the Crain family as their traumas as children living in a haunted house comes back to haunt them after a family tragedy occurs. Now the Crain’s must grapple on whether to let this tragedy divide them or bring them together.

This ensemble works magnificently well. Both the Crain family as kids and as adults have great chemistry. Each character has their own episode and it’s really cool to see how each person in this family experienced the Hill House and what affect that has on them as adults. Victoria Pedretti and Oliver Jackson-Cohen stood out as Nell and Luke. Carla Gugino was another highlight as the unhinged mother, but really as said before all the cast works great.

The scares are pretty effective, and although there are more than a few jump scares, the story is more psychological horrifying than anything. You experience the trauma along with the characters and ask yourself if they seeing things or are the ghosts really there. Episode 6 was a technical achievement and I couldn’t believe how seamlessly they interchanged from the flashbacks of them as children to them in modern day as adults.

The mystery of the house is also really interesting. You never knew what the house would throw out at you. But one of my biggest criticisms is that they never tell the origin of the house, the show continually calls the house evil, but we never learn why the house is evil.

The family is really the heart of the show and why you continue to keep watching. And there will undoubtedly be a season 2, which I’m very interested to see what they do for that.

I give Haunting of Hill House an A-

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