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Bad Times at the El Royale surrounds a group of strangers who check into a motel that Nevada and California state line runs through. Turns out each stranger have their secrets and must do what they can to survive.

I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would. Finding out the mystery of the hotel and each of the persons inside of it. This film has a star studded cast including Jon Hamm, Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth. All the performances were solid, though Cynthia Ervio was a highlight and I enjoyed Chris Hemsworth’s performance in his small role.

My biggest criticism is that the film could have been a bit shorter and it’s a bit convoluted. Something that could bother some people is that a scene plays out and you see that scene again a bit later from a different character’s point of view. It worked really well sometimes, but other times it took the focus away on what was going on in the main story. If you took all those flashbacks away, the story is pretty simple and would be only an hour long or so.

This movie is Tarantino-esque and while it’s not on the same level of a Taratino film in terms of dialogue or violence, it still delivers. If you are a fan of screenwriter and director, Drew Goddard’s previous work such as Daredevil season 1, Cabin in the Woods, or World War Z, then you will enjoy this film.

I give Bad Times at the El Royale a B+

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