Photo from Nerdist

The Meg surrounds a Marine biologist team exploring the ocean and making a new discovery – the thought extinct shark, the Megalodon, exists and is hungry.

I don’t even know what to say about this movie. You just have to accept that it’s a dumb movie, and only then, can you start to enjoy yourself a little bit. Jason Statham was actually pretty good in the role, I thought the little girl added some charm in her role. Everything else was mediocre at best.

First off, the tone of this movie is weird, in some parts it’s being very serious, worried about saving people’s lives, and in others it’s cheesy, the dialogue is bad, no one seems to care that someone they’re supposedly close to just died.

The shark itself is fine. But in term of the humans, that’s just a no. Rainn Wilson, or Dwight from The Office, pops up in this movie but is unlikable. The other actors are forgettable. As said before, Statham is the only one who is good in the film, he knows this thing is outrageous, and you ultimately root for him to save the day. Though the movie tries to force a romance between him and another scientist woman, and that felt way too forced.

Overall, the story is poor, the characters are poor, the dialogue is poor. I wish there was more shark destruction, but if you just accept all of its flaws, this could be a good “turn your brain off” movie.

I give The Meg a C-

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