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Crazy Rich Asians revolves around Rachel (Constance Wu), a NYU Professor, who goes with her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding), to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. But only on the way to Singapore does Rachel find out that Nick’s family is traditional and filthy rich. So, Rachel must learn how to navigate a way into Nick’s family and win his mother’s approval.

It would be remiss not to mention that this movie has an all Asian cast. And it’s a really great thing to see. In the film, we get to see more Asian culture – food, music, style, the Singapore skyline – things not typically presented in a Hollywood film. And like Black Panther earlier this year, this film is making buttloads of money at the box office, so yes more representation please, it’s time to get more diverse stories out there. Even though Coco was a huge success last year, let’s get an all Hispanic cast next in a live action film.

Constance Wu is really phenomenal here and having never seen her perform before, she really impressed me. Her character was really engaging and I bought her and Henry Golding’s chemistry. Michelle Yeoung’s performance as Nick’s mother was also impressive. She’s practically a Chinese superstar and her performance in the film shows a little of that. Awkwafina from Ocean’s 8 was also pretty funny. Really all the cast were good in the film.

However, this film is not great. I feel that the first half of the film was meandering and just wanted to show off how rich these people were – lots of mansions, elaborate parties and clothing, private jets, etc. (though the wedding scene in the film was just gorgeous). There was also a subplot with one of Nick’s cousins and while I get it was there to add more to the story, it didn’t actually achieve that, it just felt kind of unnecessary. It’s only when Rachel and Nick’s mother started conflicting that the film hooked me in. The clashing of old vs new, high class vs middle, traditional vs modern, was interesting to see here and what ultimately made the movie for me.

Overall though, Crazy Rich Asians was a good film and I really hope to see more stories told from the Asian prospective and from other cultural prospectives. This film is a huge success and deservedly so. I give the film a B.



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