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Three Identical Strangers is about triplets who were separated at birth and came to found each other in an unexpected way. However once the shock gives away, the story turns out a lot more darker than expected.

The fact that these three brothers even met each other after being separated and not knowing about each other is one in a million. And its quite baffling to see just how alike these triplets are despite being raised in different households.

This review is shorter than my other ones, but that’s because I really don’t want to spoil anything. The less you know about this story the better it will be. Since this story broke in the 80s, some may be familiar with certain parts of it, but those interviews given back then are pretty surface level and this documentary turns into something of a detective film as the story progresses.

I must give kudos to the director Tim Wardle because the timing he presented information really made this documentary for me. The first thirty or so minutes may feel a little meandering because these triplets meeting for the first time feels more like a tabloid story. But once questions are asked as to why these brothers were separated, the film gets much more interesting, and as said before, much more darker too.

I’ll just say that I definitely hope that something like this is never done again to siblings being given up for adoption.

I give Three Identical Strangers an A-

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