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BlacKkKlansman surrounds Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) as he becomes the first black cop in Colorado Springs. He starts investigating the KKK after seeing an ad in a newspaper. Though he talks to them on the phone, Flip (Adam Driver), is a white cop that meets in the KKK in person. Both cops, whose nationalities the KKK are vehemently against, must play the part of white supremacist to investigate deeper into what the KKK are capable of.

Spike Lee does a great job with this film, though you should have already got from the title, it’s very political. It not only captures the attitudes and political sphere of the 70s but it also reflects modern day. Specifically, it calls out the current President of the United States.

Though this film delves into some dark territory, the film does a great job of balancing that with humor. John David Washingston, son of Denzel Washington, is one to watch, he really delivered in this role and I’m interested to see what other projects he’ll be involved in in the future. Adam Driver delivers as always, playing someone whose ideals don’t meet up with the KKK and acting like their words and actions don’t affect him. Laura Harrier also does a good job as Ron’s girlfriend and as an outspoken Black Panther, whose quest for equality doesn’t match up with Ron’s.

There were parts of this film that made my stomach turn, and the ending especially, is a huge punch to the gut. The film reminds you that KKK still exists to this day, it’s not a problem that faded away. And since it’s a Spike Lee film, it has some of his directing flair, but it isn’t overdone. The film could have been a bit shorter though.

I give BlacKkKlansman an A-

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