Photo from IGN

Overboard surrounds a single mom named Kate (Anna Faris) who is struggling to become a nurse and is working multiple jobs. She meets Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez) a billionaire who has never worked a day in his life. One day Leonardo gets amnesia and Kate convinces him that he is her husband so that he can help with chores, work, and babysitting while she does what she can to get her dream job.

The movie starts off pretty awful. It’s cliched with tired tropes seen in comedies and in rich characters. But it does get better as it goes along. Faris and Derbez do have a good chemistry, but I never really bought their romance. And the comedy in this film never hit for me.

Faris has never really worked for me in film. I have never found her very funny and all her characters feel fake to me. Though she is fine here, she didn’t really impress me. Derbez, however does work, though he did not for me in the beginning. His arc of going to selfish and shallow to hard working and caring was the highlight of the film for me. For those of you who haven’t seen Derbez in Instructions Not Included, I would recommend it, but be warned that the film is mostly in Spanish.

As said before the comedy here does not work for me, though Derbez and the family dynamic did. And like I said with I Feel Pretty, this is may be a good cable watch, but overall is forgettable.

I give Overboard a C.

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