Photo from Variety

I Feel Pretty revolves around Renee (Amy Schumer) who has never really felt beautiful before. One day as she tries to get fit, she ends up bumping her head which causes her to realize that she is beautiful. With Renee’s newfound confidence in herself and her looks many more opportunities open up for her.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Amy Schumer was really charming as this character. And the overall message of the film is sweet and empowering for women. It tells women that confidence, not looks, will open doors for you.

Her romance also felt real and genuine. I enjoyed the chemistry between Schumer and Rory Scovel. However while this movie has a lot of heart, it’s not very funny. All the comedy is solely in Schumer’s character over confidence and really nothing else.

Michelle Williams, who I’m a huge fan of, is also in this movie, and her character did not work at all for me. In all the films I’ve seen her in, Williams has played complex characters or characters that have at least felt real. Here, she plays a superficial supermodel and it did not work for me. And none of the other supporting characters in the film had any depth or much to do.

Overall, the film just ends up as a generic comedy. One that’s forgettable, but may end up as an enjoyable cable watch.

So though the film isn’t very humorous, the overall message of the film made up for it. I give I Feel Pretty a B-

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