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Life of the Party surrounds Melissa McCarthy as Deanna, who decides to go back to college once her husband reveals that he wants a divorce. Unfortunately for her daughter, she decides to go to the same college and is embarrassed by her mother hanging out with her and her friends.

This movie is not good and it is not funny. The jokes largely missed for me and McCarthy herself has been a miss with me lately. I enjoyed her in Paul Feig’s film Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy, but since she’s been working with other directors for the past two years the quality of these movies have been plummeting. McCarthy has always sort of done a character that is a version of herself and I guess I’m just over it now.

As a college student, this type of plot happening to me would be one of my nightmares. And I find it very odd how readily and accepting the daughter and her friends are having the mom in their friend group. In any normal situation, you would just be awkward and polite around your mom’s friend, you wouldn’t be inviting her to frat parties. I did however enjoy McCarthy’s friendship with Maya Rudolph’s character.

There are also emotional and serious beats that don’t work very well concerning McCarthy’s now ex-husband. That tone and the comedic tone do not blend very well together. It’s hard to make light of divorce and an affair, you can’t really play it for laughs. McCarthy didn’t really have anything to overcome in the film, she fit in just fine in college, she only had to deal with a mean girl and a clingy boyfriend.

I give Life of the Party a D+

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