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Sorry To Bother You revolves around Cassisus “Cash” Green (Lakeith Stanfield) trying to make some money by becoming a telemarketer at Regalview. However, he finds that it’s a bit harder than expected, until someone explains to him to use his “white voice” (David Cross). Only then does Cassius rise through the ranks at Regalview and makes some big bucks, but when he finds out that they are corrupt, Cassisus must choose between doing what’s right or to keep making money to survive.

My synopsis above does not capture the tone of the film at all. This is one of the most original films I have ever seen, and I have never seen a movie like this before in my life. This is film is majorly quirky, bizarre, and thought provoking. It is also hugely satirical.

This film is incredibly well acted both Lakeith and Tessa Thompson, who plays Detroit – Cassius’ fiancee, bring their A game. I’m also a huge fan of Thompson and it’s really cool to see her to mega hits like Creed and Thor: Ragnarok to doing super original films like Annihilation and Sorry to Bother You. Armie Hammer also has a minor role as Steve Lift and really brings the crazy. The only character that didn’t work for me was Steven Yeun’s (Glen from The Walking Dead) but that’s mainly because I think his subplot with Detroit could have been cut out.

I’m just going to get right to it – there’s a twist that happens in this film and I’m sure it will be debated about throughout the summer at least. It changed the tone of the film from a satirical world view to a sci-fi horror. And that twist would have worked to me if it was executed better, but it just came off as too weird. I also think they could have done something else for this twist that could have told the same message that they were going for.

Another problem that I had, but this is more minor, is that I couldn’t really process this sort of dystopian world because it would introduce new concepts with political and social meaning and I couldn’t really sit with and think about what they meant for very long before the next one was introduced.

This film though is beautifully shot and, as said before, very original. I would encourage you to see this. But I know this film is definitely not for everyone.

I give Sorry to Bother You a B-

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