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The ladies are back in GLOW season 2. Now that the wrestling show has been officially picked up, the director, Sam (Marc Maron), stressed out about the show and being a father to his daughter, Justine, leaving Ruth (Alison Brie) to try to amp up the girls and finds herself having a newfound admirer. Ruth and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) are still on the outs, and Debbie is spiraling with her divorce.

If you haven’t seen GLOW already I highly recommend it, the first seasons surrounds a group of ladies auditioning for a wrestling TV show having no clue how to wrestle and end up being a dysfunctional but fun female family. The main characters – Ruth, Sam, and Debbie – continue to shine in season 2. And it’s nice to see what challenges this group of women continue to face with their cult level of fame.

There’s some really great dynamics and issues addressed in season 2. Sam and Ruth continue to grow closer, along with Sam being a surprisingly decent parent to Justine.  Debbie struggles with getting taken seriously as a producer with Sam and Bash. They also address how offense and sort of demeaning it is for some of the women to pay stereotypes like the “Welfare Queen” or “The Terrorist.” They address sexual harassment in an episode and have a really fun episode that’s a show within the show.

GLOW season 2 is a solid season, but I was not a big fan of Bash’s story line with his friend and butler going missing, mostly because I forgot he even had a butler. And some of the ladies like Carmen do take a back seat in season 2 which is a shame. I’d love to see more episodes about the supporting characters.

I give season 2 of GLOW an A-

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