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Luke Cage is back with season 2. This time around Luke struggles with the fame of being Harlem’s hero, has some major anger issues, and tries to protect Harlem from the newest villain, Bushmaster, who is out to get one of last season’s villains, Mariah Dillard.

Let me start off by saying this – don’t watch all of this season. The start of this season was so boring and uninteresting, you should just skip the first half all together. Pacing has always been an issues with these shows because this, and arguably, all the Marvel/Netflix shows do not need to be 13 episodes. It shouldn’t take 8 episodes in for the show to hook me, that just wastes my time as a viewer and makes other viewers quit the show. It also made Luke unlikable especially at the beginning.

However, there are good parts of this series. The acting for one was really well done, especially from Alfre Woodard’s Mariah and Simone Missick’s Misty Knight. The story does attempt to do some interesting things with the rivalry with Mariah and Bushmaster and Misty’s coping with her lost arm. There’s great action sequences, great music, and good concepts (though they aren’t utilized in the best way). There’s also more crossover with the other Netflix/Marvel properties with an appearances from Iron Fist (who wasn’t awful) and other minor characters, along with a few references from what happened in The Defenders.

I noticed though that we spend more time with supporting characters than our hero, and that would be fine, if the supporting characters were more interesting. For example, Mariah’s daughter is introduced and has a lot of screen time, but she wasn’t necessary, especially in the first half of season. Luke is also different, he’s more unstable, and I’m not sure why. Luke has always been a hero, albeit a reluctant one, but he is taking a darker path in season 2, which is interesting, but also is uncharacteristic of him.

Overall Luke Cage was a disappointment for me. And I would suggest starting around episode 7, if you really want to see it, and just read what happens in the early episodes online. However, I did see that a good number of people actually enjoyed this season, so really that’s up to you.

I give Luke Cage season 2 a C-

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