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Damsel revolves around Samuel, played by Robert Pattinson, on a quest to marry his love, Penelope, played by Mia Wasikowski. On his journey, he acquires a miniature horse named Butterscotch and a drunk preacher, and his quest does not end up going as planned.

I would say that the first 30 or so minutes of this film was really fun. This movie is a western comedy and I thought the comedy was at its strongest in the beginning.  It was great to see Robert Pattinson let loose as a quirky, idiotic Southerner who can’t drink whiskey. The preacher also gave a great performance and was played by co-directed David Zellner. The set design was also totally believable and I thought I was in a small town in the middle of nowhere during the 1860s.

Though this movie may be marketed showing Robert Pattinson as the main character, he actually isn’t and is not in the movie for very long. He’s integral given the fact that he started the plot of the film, but Mia Wasikowski is more of the main character. Mia’s performance though seemed a little stale to me, while yes she portrayed a bad ass woman there wasn’t much more to her. She never used a Southern accent which I thought was odd and the story just slows down in general when Pattinson leaves.

That is my biggest criticism, while there is plenty of laughs to have throughout the film, the latter part of the film just felt like a whole lot of nothing to me. Penelope takes the preacher as her hostage because she doesn’t know what to do with him and they just wander around the forest. Sure they encounter other people along the way, but these people were in no way important to the story.

Overall while I did enjoy parts of Damsel, the ending just did not do it for me. Though I’m interested to hear what others think of this film and if there opinion on the second half differs from mine. I give Damsel a C+


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