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If you thought Lady Bird was irresponsible then get ready for this.

Never Goin’ Back is a film about two teenage girls, Jessie and Angela, who are high school dropouts and work as waitresses. They dream about vacationing at the beach and book a trip not too far to Galveston, TX. But now they’re short on their rent money, everything keeps going wrong, and they must figure out how to get some fast cash.

This film was actually really entertaining and super wild. The two actresses, Camila Morrone and Maia Mitchell,  who play Jessie and Angela respectively, are total up and coming stars. Their friendship is the core of this film and what makes this film work. Without these actresses’ chemistry, the film would fail.

Friendship is very vital to this film not just through the girls, but through the friendship that Jessie’s brother has with his friends. Those guys were also hilarious and it interesting to see their dynamic in contrast to the girls. Their roommate Brandon who was a supporting character was also a standout. And pretty much all the performances in the film worked.

What this film does great is that even though these girls are super out of control, irresponsible, and wild. It doesn’t pass judgement on them, it just simply lets these girls be themselves. What director Augustine Frizzell does great is that she knows how to capture the tone of these girls because she was one of these girls. The soundtrack of the film also captures the tone really well. And being from Texas myself, it was cool seeing sets that could easily be in my town, and the running joke about the girls wanting to go to Galveston (which really isn’t that nice).

Overall, this is a new type of raunchy teen comedy starring girls who are really messed up and in reality need to learn how to be more responsible. You end up rooting for these girls when you in actuality you probably shouldn’t. But these two girls are my favorite type of female characters, ones who are real, three dimensional, support each other, and have flaws, that end up being unexpected protagonists.

Needless to say I’m very interested to see what Augustine Frizzell does next because she knocked it out of the park with this feature debut. I give Never Goin’ Back an A-

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