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Deadpool is back! In the sequel, we find Wade Wilson fighting bad guys but unexpectedly he tries to save a young mutant who Cable, who is from the future, comes back in time to kill. Deadpool must assemble a team called the X-Force to help save this boy and to stop Cable from killing him.

The first Deadpool was groundbreaking because a comic book film never had an meta inappropriate comedic tone to it before. Deadpool 2 does bring the same tone but for me it didn’t work like it did the first time. As with all sequels, the film tries to up the stakes, add more characters, and blows up their budget and like I said before it didn’t always work. David Leitch is the director of Deadpool 2 (he did not direct the first Deadpool) and he is most known for the well choreographed action sequences in films – he directed John Wick and Atomic Blonde – so Deadpool 2 has many action sequences, and while they aren’t as flashy as they are in his other films, they took me out of the movie a bit because Deadpool isn’t about action, it’s about the humor.

Ryan Reynolds again is pretty much born for this role, there’s really nothing to complain about with his performance. But I was a little disappointed with the supporting cast – not that they weren’t great but they just didn’t have much story. Josh Brolin plays Cable and he didn’t really have much to do except try to kill a kid. Zazie Beetz plays Domino, who was a really welcome addition to the film, but again didn’t really have much to do. Julian Dennison from one of my favorite films, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, plays Firefist and he too was a welcomed addition though I was probably more excited to see him than most people. There are more very minor characters and cameos involved but again, didn’t really have much merit to the story – they were just there for jokes. And the word family is used a lot in this film but I didn’t feel that the new characters like Cable and Domino were family to Deadpool.

The humor, the most vital part of Deadpool, was definitely there and there were some really funny stuff in the film. But not all the jokes landed for me and that was a disappointment, because most of the humor in the first film landed. Deadpool 2 was somewhat of a disappointment for me, it wasn’t refreshing to me like the first film and I wasn’t really a fan of the story, the film just wasn’t as clever as it was the first time, though there is still a good deal of fun to be had with this film.

I give Deadpool 2 a B-

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