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This film has been out for 2 weeks now – hopefully that’s enough time for everyone to see the film! And if not, then why are you reading this? So yes, usually I try to keep spoilers out of my blog. But I want to talk more about Infinity War. So, again – SPOILERS!

Let’s just talk about the ending since that’s the big cliffhanger. Half of the universe is dead! And they killed off big heroes like Spider-man and Black Panther which made Marvel billions (!) of dollars! And I’ve read a lot of stuff saying “there’s no stakes because of the ending.” Stop complaining. I think the real stakes will be what the Avengers have to do in order to get half of the universe back. And while you could be right, you could also be wrong. Actor contracts are a big deal at Marvel, for example Tom Holland who plays Spider-man has a 6 picture deal (he has appeared in 3 out of 6 films). But just because an actor is signed on to a multi-picture deal doesn’t mean that they HAVE to appear in all the films they signed up for, Marvel can decide when they are done with you. So, Tom Holland’s Spider-man can really be dead and Marvel can use the Miles Morales Spider-man, T’Challa as Black Panther can really be dead and his sister, Shuri, can take on the mantle of Black Panther, they can do a Guardians 3 movie with the Sylvester Stallone team introduced in Guardians 2. But yes more than likely this will not happen because we haven’t had enough time with these characters.

The theme of Infinity War was as Captain America said many times, “We don’t trade lives.” The Avengers were willing to die and let Wakanda fall just to protect Vision, Dr. Strange said that he would let Iron Man die in order to protect the time stone, but gave Thanos the time stone to save him – but now that half the world is gone I’m thinking that they’ll do whatever it takes to restore the universe to how it was and that means that the remaining Avengers (and if you noticed the original Avengers) must trade their lives in order to save the new Avengers.

Or half of the universe is inside the soul stone. Director Joe Russo confirmed that Thanos was inside the soul stone after the snap and was talking to a young Gamora AND he confirmed that Gamora is alive inside the soul stone (LINK). So if the Avengers could somehow get the soul stone and break it maybe then all the souls will be released? A certain superheroine, Captain Marvel, was teased during the end credits and is said to be the most powerful character in the MCU so maybe she has enough power to break the soul stone like Scarlet Witch did with the mind stone.

And this is slightly unrelated, but a real question I have. What happens to the Marvel TV shows? (I only watch the Netflix ones, not the other ones) Are half the Defenders dead, are they going to acknowledge this at all? Because this is pretty huge. And while the TV shows and movies are separate (can you imagine the very R rated Punisher next to the very kid friendly Spider-man?), they still take place in the same “universe.” In other words, please just give us Avengers 4 now so I no longer have to speculate all year, I need answers.

Well, these are just some thoughts I had about Infinity War and what’s to come next. Let me know if you have any of your own questions or theories!

2 thoughts on “Deeper Thoughts and Questions about Avengers: Infinity War

  1. Initially, I was disappointed with the ending. It was a cliffhanger, and I hate cliffhangers. But each subsequent time I went in, I started to see it more and more as an ENDING, and I think it’s brilliant. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lose. They fail, and, as you say, it presents tremendous stakes for the next film. That Marvel chose to end on that note instead of the usual last minute triumph is so reassuring to me. Even after 10 years, Marvel Studios is still committed to entertaining and surprising audiences.


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