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Avengers: Infinity War surrounds the villain, Thanos, who is trying to balance the universe by acquiring six infinity stones. It is up to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop the greatest threat they have ever faced.

That’s really all I can tell you without getting into spoilers. My review for this film will be vague because I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone. And like I said I’m still processing – I just got out of the movie like 10 minutes ago. I recommend knowing as little as possible and to try your best to prepare yourself because I thought I did and this film kicked me in the ass.

First of all I must bow down and applaud the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, for putting together a film with THIS MANY superheroes and making it work. It had to be a monumentally tough task, trying to balance this many characters while introducing Thanos and they did succeed.

The performances were great. Thanos himself (Josh Brolin) was terrifying and Marvel’s best villain to date. His presence was always felt and you never knew what to expect from him. With this many characters, I can’t comment on all of the heroes performances but Thor (Chris Hemsworth) stood out to me along with Gamora (Zoe Saldana). Each hero got a moment, which was really great. But some characters, and understandably so, did get sidelined.

This film is also a lot. It jumps around to different places with different groups and it’s a lot to take in. I thought they did do a good job with that and the pacing. But it is jarring sometimes to suddenly shift to another place and try to keep track of everything. For people who don’t really follow the Marvel movies, you can still enjoy this film, but it will probably be confusing. This is made for those who follow the Marvel brand and they will get the most out of this film.

This film for me was an experience.. I have been following these characters for 10 years and I am very satisfied with this film. I love it, but I also hate it because as many know, some of our heroes die in this film. If you’re a die hard Marvel fan like I am – prepared to be crushed.

I give Avengers: Infinity War an A-

*After giving it some time while I still enjoy Infinity War very much, it doesn’t totally work as a whole film, and Avengers 4 will make the story complete so I change my grade to a B+

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