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Who knew that Jim from The Office could direct an excellent horror film.

A Quiet Place surrounds a family who must live in silence in order to survive due to the fact that these monsters have invaded the Earth and hunt anything that makes noise.

The premise to this story is pretty simple, but very intriguing. And it was executed great. The tension in this film is crazy, I was on the edge of my seat for practically the whole film. John Krasinski did a fantastic job not only as an actor, but as a director as well. He was able to get the audience to care and connect to this family, a family who can’t speak to each other without the fear of dying.

In fact all the performances were great. Not only Emily Blunt, who plays Krasinski’s pregnant wife in the film (and is his wife in real life) and has some really great scenes, but the children actors were great too. I especially want to shout out the daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf which further complicates things for the family.

Since not many words are spoken in the film, the actors highly rely on their facial expressions and use sign language in order to communicate. Sound is also never really talked much about in film unless it’s super distinct and recognizable. So, the choice to take away sound really puts the viewer in the character’s shoes.

As for negatives, the set up and rules for this world are vague. We just follow this family so we don’t know how many monsters/aliens there are, if they are in this one city or are they all across the world, and we don’t know what the government is doing about, etc. The ending was also just a bit cheesy, but I still liked it.

I give A Quiet Place an A-

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