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Love, Simon is a story about a high schooler named Simon, who is just your typical teenager, except he’s gay. When another guy at his school anonymously shares online that is gay too. They start having a online relationship and Simon is left trying to figure who the mystery guy is.

The film is a pretty stereotypical romance/coming of age story if you remove the fact that Simon is gay, but nonetheless is still really enjoyable. Nick Robinson did a really great job with his performance with Simon, he made Simon really relatable, I think everyone could end up relating to him in some shape or form. And I really appreciated and empathize with Simon’s experience with coming out, which I never realized could be so terrifying for someone who has a supporting family and friends.

All the supporting cast was pretty good, except for one of the people that hangs around Simon and his group of friends. The character, Martin, was super annoying and though he was supposed to be annoying, it ended up being a drag practically every time he was onscreen.

Love, Simon is important though because when was the last time someone LGBT+ was a lead in a film that wasn’t indie? I certainly can’t think of one. And I think this film does a really great job at providing a type of experience that some LGBT can have. So now is the time to ask for more – more types of experiences, more diverse LGBT+ leads, more diverse environments – because this film is very upper middle class.

But Love, Simon was a really great coming of age story with a lot of heart. I give it a B+

I also encourage you to see this movie in theaters because it’s not really making the money it deserves, no one is excepting this to crush like Black Panther or Wonder Woman – it’s not a superhero movie, but to get more mainstream diverse films like this, we need to support them!

One thought on “Love, Simon (2018)

  1. I absolutely agree that ‘Love, Simon’ is just a STEP in a direction of having more diversity in LGBT movies in the major cinema world. Luckily, the indie side of LGBT is already doing this whole diversity thing but we absolutely need it elsewhere as well.

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