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Game Night surrounds three couples who regularly have game nights, but the stakes are raised once Brooks (Kyle Chandler), Jason Bateman’s brother in the film, stages a murder mystery  game which leads to his kidnapping, the couples then have trouble figuring out what is part of the game and what is real.

First off, this film is really fun. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams have a really great dynamic here. They are both super competitive people, which means that they are the main focus of the film and take all their game nights seriously. They also work well with the two other couples. But Jesse Plemons, who plays the creepy neighbor, is the real standout here. He was able to balance being stoic and serious with trying to insert himself in the couple’s game nights, which made all the other characters uncomfortable – it was great.

There were also a few twists in the film and I ended up not knowing what was real or part of the game. There were also a ton of references to other films and pop culture stuff. On the other hand, the comedy didn’t always hit and it got a little silly at times, but it was did work at the end for me ultimately.

But really other than that, I found Game Night to be really enjoyable. I give it a B.

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