Here are my thoughts on what’s going to win at this year’s Oscars and what I want to win at this year’s Oscars.

Best Picture

Nominations: The Shape of Water, Call Me by Your Name, Darkest Hour, The Post, Phantom Thread, Get Out, Dunkirk, Lady Bird, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Who Will Win: Three Billboards


Who I Want to Win: The Florida Project (not nominated) or Lady Bird

Three Billboards is a worthy Best Picture contender and I wouldn’t mind seeing it win. But the only thing that really bothers me about the film is the tone – Three Billboards is a dark comedy, and while I do like dark comedies and appreciated their moments in the film, I think that in many instances in the film the drama would’ve stuck better. Lady Bird would be my choice to win out of the nominations because it’s such a strikingly real movie. Though I would rather have The Florida Project be nominated and win because of it’s impact on me – I can’t quite forget that film, it has still stuck with me since I’ve seen it.


Best Actor

Nominations: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour), Timothée Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name), Daniel Day-Lewis (Phantom Thread), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Denzel Washington (Roman J. Israel, Esq.)

Who Will Win: Gary Oldman


Who I Want to Win: Timothée Chalamet

Gary Oldman is a very fine actor, and I’m sure many are surprised that the man hasn’t won an Oscar yet given his filmography. And it’s true that Gary Oldman really sells this film, but I couldn’t help being bored by the film. Timothée Chalamet, on the other hand, gave one of the most raw performances I’ve seen this year. He made the audience feel what he was going through in Call Me by Your Name and Gary Oldman didn’t do that for me.


Best Actress

Nominations: Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), Frances McDormand, (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Margot Robbie (I, Tonya), Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird), Meryl Streep (The Post)

Who Will Win: Frances McDormand


Who I Want to Win: Saoirse Ronan 

Again I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Frances McDormand take the statue here. Her performance was both heartbreaking, funny, and fearless. But I also wouldn’t mind seeing Saoirse Ronan take the statue because her performance was also a powerhouse since she was so  relatable and real.


Best Supporting Actor

Nominations: Willem Dafoe (The Florida Project), Woody Harrelson (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water), Christopher Plummer (All the Money in the World), Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Who Will Win: Sam Rockwell


Who I Want to Win: Willem Dafoe

Sam Rockwell gave a very fine performance here, one deserving of all the acclaim. But I had an issue and question about his character and while that’s not Rockwell’s fault, it still split my decision. Willem Dafoe rather gave a exceptional performance in The Florida Project, which again is a film I cannot get over and is probably my favorite film of last year.


Best Supporting Actress

Nominations: Mary J. Blige (Mudbound), Allison Janney (I, Tonya), Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread), Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird), Octavia Spencer (The Shape of Water)

Who Will Win: Allison Janney


Who I Want to Win: Laurie Metcalf

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Allison Janney won here either. I have seen I, Tonya but feel like I must watch it again since I was distracted during my first viewing. Laurie Metcalf gave a powerful performance in Lady Bird which I why I personally chose her, but perhaps my mind will change when I get the chance to watch I, Tonya again.


Best Director

Nominations: Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk), Jordan Peele (Get Out), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread), Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water)

Who Will Win: Guillermo del Toro


Who I Want to Win: Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is a genius and I believe he wholly deserves this reward. His film I believe is probably the best directed out of the bunch. Here’s to a fellow Mexican director, glad to see more of us getting recognized. Buena Suerte!


Best Original Screenplay

Nominations: The Big Sick, Get Out, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Who Will Win: Get Out 


Who I Want to Win: Get Out

Get Out was a cultural phenomenon last year and rightfully so. The writing in the film is extraordinary. It’s strong, subtle, and poignant and Jordan Peele deserves all the praise. Who knew that a horror film with a black protagonist fighting racism would be one of last year’s best films?


Best Adapted Screenplay

Nominations: Call Me by Your Name, The Disaster Artist, Logan, Molly’s Game, Mudbound

Who Will Win: Call Me by Your Name


Who I Want to Win: The Disaster Artist or Logan

I’m not actually certain that Call Me by Your Name will win here though I believe it’s the best bet. I simply don’t want it to win because of the plot, it was slow and boring at times, and while there isn’t anything wrong with slow, I kept feeling like there should’ve been more. The Disaster Artist is a film I loved last year and while I’m kind of bummed due to the James Franco allegations which made me have conflicted feelings about the movie. But overall, I do think it garners some praise especially since the writing threw me by surprise with it’s inspiring and hopeful message. I also wanted to mention Logan here because I think it’s great to see a comic book movie nominated for an Oscar. And while I don’t think the writing was the strongest part of the film, I do acknowledge it’s merit because this is the last time we get to see Wolverine and wow what a swan song.

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