One Day at a Time is a comedy Netflix original series surrounding the Alvarez family. A misfit, Latino family living in LA. This series is a typical sitcom, but one I enjoyed due to its social commentary on many problems people face today.

Penelope (Justina Machado) is a divorced mother of her two kids, Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex (Marcel Ruiz) struggling to balance work and motherhood as a recent Army veteran. She has an overbearing Cuban mother who lives with her and an annoying landlord who seems to always be in her home.

As I said before this show tackles important social issues like immigration, PTSD, LGBT+, depression and anxiety, and addiction. With all these issues this show should sound more like a drama, but instead is able to balance these issues with light-hearted comedy and family shenanigans. Lydia (Rita Moreno), Penelope’s over dramatic mother, is a force to behold and is my favorite character on the show. The characters would be my reason for you to check out the show because they are each distinct and unique, and really fun to watch when they are all together.

Some negatives that I have is that there are typical sitcom tropes in the show. There are  laughing tracks that play in the background whenever a joke is made – which I always have found annoying. And some of the comedy does miss sometimes.

I wouldn’t say this is one of the great sitcoms like The Office or Parks and Rec, but I do think it’s worth checking out. Especially since it’s great to see more Latino representation on screen, even if it is on the small screen. I give One Day at a Time a B+

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