Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a more under the radar film that centers around the unconventional life of the creator behind Wonder Woman and the women who inspired him to create the famous superhero.

2017 was the year for Wonder Woman, but I don’t think that many people were aware of this movie. I barely got the chance to see it now and let me just say that the performances all around were magnificent. Luke Evans stars as Professor Marston, Rebecca Hall stars as Elizabeth Marston (Professor Marston’s wife), and Bella Heathcote stars as Olive Byrne (their mutual romantic partner).

So yeah the biggest controversy about this movie is that Professor Marston has a polyamorous relationship with two women. And not going to lie, it was weird to to watch at some points, but something that the film did extremely well was to show how these three people really love each other. Rebecca Hall was the standout to me amongst these great actors. Director Angela Robinson did a fantastic job of centering the film around these three fully developed characters and getting the audience to buy into their unconventional lifestyle and their beautiful romance.

The film also focuses on Professor Marston’s radical ideas (at the time) about feminism, sexuality, dominance, submission, and bondage – which are all aspects of the character Wonder Woman. And how he was under investigation for putting these adult aspects into comic books, who were mainly sold to children at the time.

The biggest enjoyment that I got out of this movie was seeing how aspects of their unconventional life shaped the Wonder Woman character. For example Professor Marston is the inventor of the lie detector, hence why Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice is the lasso of truth. There are really cool easter eggs in the film that influenced Wonder Woman’s look, costume, and other accessories she had like the invisible jet.

I would say if you’re a fan of Wonder Woman or of psychology then watch this film because it gives a lot of great insights. I give the film an A-


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