The Post stars Meryl Streep as the owner of the Washington Post and Tom Hanks as the editor of the newspaper. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg and revolves around the conflict of the Pentagon papers about the war in Vietnam getting leaked by the New York Times and the conflict that lands on Katharine Graham (Streep) on whether or not her paper should continue to leak the rest of it and expose the government.

This film is fine. I would say that it starts out relatively slow and it never really picks up, but I think that’s because I could guess how the movie would end and what choice Streep’s character would make. So it’s not a film that I would remember in the years to come, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Streep and Hanks both deliver good performances, though I wouldn’t consider them Oscar worthy. And the film is littered with a bunch a famous faces such as Bob Odenkirk (who I think is more of the star of film here), Sarah Paulson, David Cross, and Alison Brie among others.

Steven Spielberg fast tracked this movie and I think it’s pretty obvious to many that it’s supposed to act as a commentary on Trump and his continuous fight with the media and “Fake news”.

For me, the story wasn’t really that compelling because it was predictable. Though it was nice to see other aspects of the film like Katharine Graham’s struggle to be seen as an equal and a boss among her newspaper’s investors.

Overall, The Post was enjoyable enough, but is kind of forgettable. I give it a B-

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