The Good Place is a delightful TV that surrounds the character Eleanor (Kristen Bell) who dies and goes to “The Good Place,” which is basically heaven. But once she is shown around and praised for her life on Earth by the architect Michael (Ted Danson), an angel of sorts, she realizes that they have the wrong person and she doesn’t belong there, but does the best to become a good person with the help of Chidi (William Jackson Harper), her friend and apparent soulmate, in order to remain in the Good Place.

The Good Place is yet another charming show with great performances by Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and the rest of the cast. It’s pretty inventive as well for being a sitcom.

It also has a great ending and cliffhanger for the first season, one that I certainly wasn’t expecting, that brought new layers to the first season and am curious to see what happens in the second season.

My only negative would be the character Jason. His character has the mentality of a four year old, and while that can sometimes be funny, he mostly comes off as annoying to me. The show can also be formulaic at times.

But overall The Good Place is a really well-done sitcom, one that makes you think more about your actions, intentions, and motivations while maintaining being a quirky comedy.

The Good Place is currently on Netflix and I give the series a B+

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